D’nier, pronounced D – NIER, is our shortened form for dernier cri which stands for the latest fashion and trend. This French term literally translates as ‘last cry’ was famously adapted in 1896 by the Westminster Gazette for the demising cut-steel jewellery trend. The term remains modish as ever, alongside many other French words that have walked the runways of English language, and it reflects the ever-changing trends in fashion. 

Embracing the scandinavian lifestyle, Dnier is a fashion brand that is dedicated to creating a stylistic melange of apparel that caters to the modern woman.

The design concept centres on simple, clean sculptural detailing that is modelled on the movement of the body and the styles emulate the reality of everyday life. The apparels at Dnier are the epitome of comfort and utility.

Being a visionary in the fashion scene, Dnier is a trendsetter and it is the future of women.